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Lets Pray Cover.png

Let's Pray!

“Let’s Pray” is an attractively illustrated book of lessons teaching children how to pray biblically. Each lesson includes a suggested activity for applying the lesson suitable for a family or classroom setting.

ePrint: ₱250 | Book: ₱290

Seeds Bible Curriculum COVER.png

Seeds: Bible Curriculum for Children

Book: ₱200 | ePrint: ₱160

Bible Timeline Final Layout.png

Bible Timeline for Children

This Bible timeline is designed specifically for children, with concise explanations of important events in the Old and New Testaments. Available in English and Tagalog.

Printed on 5x3 tarpaulin: ₱270

40 Days Cover.png

40 Days Through
the Bible

For those who long for a panoramic view of Scripture, this book dares you to engage in a new kind of exploration: reading through the Bible in 40 days.

ePrint: ₱230

From Eden Cover.png

From Eden To Patmos

From Eden to Patmos: An Overview of Biblical History will guide you on a fascinating journey through the timeline of Scripture with a fresh approach that makes biblical chronology accessible for anyone wishing to strengthen their faith through a greater understanding of history.

ePrint: ₱300

Planning Your Life Cover.png

Planning Your Life
God's Way

Planning Your Life God's Way provides genuine biblical guidance for facing tough choices, future uncertainties, important crossroads, and tempting distractions.

ePrint: ₱250

Winning the War Cover.png

Winning the War to Walk Worthy

Winning the War to Walk Worthy, a devotional exposition of Paul's famed Christian armor passage in Ephesians 6:10-18, delves behind the imagery of the armor to the practical how-to of actually putting that armor on.

ePrint: ₱160

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